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Terms and Conditions

Castle Hill Terms & Conditions HOW TO BOOK YOUR PARTY Simply select the party package you would like and decide if you want any extras for the children or platters for the adults. Then either phone or call in to discuss the date and time you would like with our party coordinator. You need to pay a $100 deposit with your booking to guarantee your party time. Your booking is not confirmed, and your time is not guaranteed, until you have paid your $100 deposit. The deposit is not refundable. If you reschedule your party within 2 weeks of the booked date, a rebooking charge of $100 will apply. For larger parties, multiple party rooms can be booked. Please call our party coordinator for details. HOW TO PAY FOR YOUR PARTY All accounts must be paid in full on arrival at the Playland by Cash, Eftpos, Visa, or Mastercard. Cheques are not accepted. School cheques and Playgroup cheques are accepted, but only by prior arrangement. Babies under 12 months are free. Adults attending the Party are also free. All children attending the party will be charged the full party price. Siblings not attending the Party, but coming for a casual play, will be charged the casual rate. WHAT DO YOU NEED TO DO BEFORE YOUR PARTY? Please call 9680 8868 to confirm the total number of children attending the party no later than 3 days prior to your party. Changes to numbers may not be accepted after that. If you do not confirm numbers your original estimate will be taken as your confirmed numbers. A $10 no show fee applies to any child who does not show after the numbers are confirmed. Adult Platters and “More Fun” extras should please be ordered when you confirm numbers. Each adult platter serves approximately 6 people. Orders placed with less lead time will be honoured where possible. Please complete the Party Attendance form and hand it to reception staff on arrival or fax it prior to (02) 8850 0209. HOW YOUR PARTY WILL RUN You have the exclusive use of your Party room for 1 hour starting from the start time of your party. When your food is ready your host will make a PA announcement inviting the children into the Party room. The Party host will serve the food and drinks, lead games and activities, arrange café purchases for all the parents attending the party, take the photo and cut the cake to finish the hour in the Party room. Afterwards all your guests move into the Playland and have unlimited play. No food or drink may be brought into the Playland. If you bring your own lolly/loot bags you must hand them out as the children are leaving. If your party children take lollies into the play equipment you may incur a $20 cleaning charge. We provide a Chocolate Mud cake for the party. You may bring your own cake if you wish however it must be NUT FREE and only cut/consumed in your party room. All children must wear socks for hygiene and safety reasons. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY Lollipop’s Playland has been designed for safe and enjoyable use by children 0-11 years. However, be aware there are inherent risks involved in indoor play and the use of play equipment. Parents and caregivers (minimum 18 years of age) must provide adequate supervision of all their party children and are responsible at all times for their children’s actions. Lollipop’s staff provide general supervision of the Playland only. Lollipop’s Playland accepts no responsibility for damage or injury resulting from use of the Playland, or lost or stolen articles. CONDITIONS OF USE OF VOUCHERS, DISCOUNTS, AND SPECIAL OFFERS 1. Prices are subject to change without notice. 2. All vouchers, discounts, coupons, birthday reminder vouchers, and special offers MUST be redeemed at time of entry (for party discounts or offers this means during the time of booking - either at the time of any face to face bookings or mentioned at the time of a phone booking and produced on the day of the party). 3. Expiry dates on vouchers, discounts, coupons and special offers need to be checked - redemption prior to or on the expiry date is valid. 4. $5 or $6 Child Entry Coupons are valid ONLY during school days. Not valid PUBLIC or SCHOOL Holidays. 5. Free Adult Entry coupons or offers must be redeemed on entry. No free red drink vouchers will be provided. 6. Cafe vouchers or offers need to be redeemed on entry for a coupon that can be used at the cafe. 7. FREE Super Entry and $5 OFF Entry vouchers (given with Colossal and Ultimate Parties) - only one voucher can be redeemed per family/group at the time of entry. Cannot be exchanged for cash. 8. Donation Gift Certificates - only one certificate can be used per group or family. Must be used prior to expiry - no exceptions. 9. All vouchers and certificates must be surrendered in hard copy form. Unfortunately we cannot process vouchers from phones/tablets or laptops except for Facebook or web offers 10. ONLY ONE VOUCHER OF ANY KIND CAN BE REDEEMED AT TIME OF ENTRY OR BOOKING PER FAMILY OR GROUP. At any time we have a number of vouchers, discounts, and special offers available to you so we can offer you great SAVINGS. Some parties are booked before you might see a voucher, discount, or offer that you may want to use. Unfortunately these cannot be used as they need to be redeemed during booking. However, there may be others you can use so please feel free to do so. We thank you for your understanding. HAVE FUN AND RELAX WITH SYDNEY’S CHILDRENS PARTY SPECIALISTS! RULES OF OUR PLAYLAND (So we can all have fun) • Lollipop’s Playland has been designed for safe and enjoyable use by children 0-11 years old. However, there are inherent risks involved in indoor play and the use of Play equipment. • Lollipop’s Playland accepts no responsibility for: – damage or injury resulting from the use of the Playland – lost or stolen articles • Lollipop’s staff provide general supervision of the Playland only. Parents and caregivers are responsible at all times for their children’s actions. • For the children’s security wristbands must be worn and caregivers must retain the corresponding identification tag at all times. • Caregivers must be 18 years or older. • Socks must be worn – no shoes or bare feet. This includes caregivers who are assisting children in the play equipment. • Due to children with allergies only food purchased in the Playland may be consumed on the premises. • No food, drink or lollies in the play areas please. • Smoking and alcohol are not permitted. • Management reserves the right to refuse entry.

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